Hurricane Irma 2017

We are STILL standing!

Enjoy our  photos and see how much we have improved since Hurricane Irma
New Planting added after Irma
Sunrise at Historic Shadow Point

Nature is Amazing and Resilient

November 2017
New Planting added after Irma
New Planting added after Irma
Sunrise on arch
New gravel added after Irma
New Planting added after Irma
New Planting added after Irma

Have you ever had an uninvited "guest" show up and turn your life upside-down?

On September 10th, 2017, Hurricane Irma decided

to visit the Florida Keys...

Irma's destruction
Flipers survived

Update - September 24th, 2017:

Shadow Point's property manager Dylan found his swim fins exactly where he left them when he came to inspect the grounds on September 13th after Hurricane Irma blew threw on September 10th. While the gardens didn't fare as well, amazing family members, friends, and workers have labored to clear brush and put things back together. Both the Main House and the Cottage came through fine, which is not too surprising considering the grounds have survived 22 hurricanes since 1917!

Irma's wrath
Irma's anger
Irma's destruction
Irma's destruction
Time to upright a tree

Good ol' Yankee ingenuity helps right a toppled seagrape!

got to go up to get it down

A partially uprooted tree was no match for Merritt and his chain saw.

moved 20 feet

After Irma

fixing destruction by Irma

After Merritt, Sean, Mark, Joe, & Matt!

fixing destruction by Irma

Irma's tidal surge relocated a 2000 pound deck that visitors use to get to the outdoor shower behind the Cottage!  All is repaired and ready for the next guests. Even the pig soap-on-a-rope survived!

Our lady was still standing!

UUp date

 destruction by Irma
Our wedding tree was still fine

Three of Shadow Point's most loved and photographed icons made it through.  Tawanda the Garden Nymph literally stood up to Irma's worst!  The Wedding Arch and the Wedding Tree were also unscathed.

Shed gone but hurricane lamps survived

As bad as Shadow Point caught it, many caught it much worse.

Cudjoe Key in the Lower Keys after Irma.

Photo by Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Irma spared the antique hurricane lamps but destroyed the shed where they were stored.  

destruction everywhere
shed and all items missing
Our shed and most of the contents missing
new growth

The lignum vitae took a beating but are already coming back! Shadow Point will soon have its shadows back.

new growth appearing
Never can you harn a sunset

our mangled gate with debris stuck to it

Picnic table in front yard after the blow


Something Irma can never change -Gorgeous sunrises!

relaxing after a hard day

At the end of a long, hot, hard work day, Mark grabs a nap.

relaxing after a hard day

Time to throw in a line and enjoy a cold one on Middle Dock after cutting down a few fallen trees.

Note: If you have a vacation or wedding booked at Shadow Point, fear not! We're making fantastic progress and will be back up and running shortly.  We have been getting a lot of calls over the last two weeks from people whose Keys events were canceled by venues that were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Irma. If you would like to check on the status of your reservation or talk about your new event or family vacation, please give us a call! 

new gravel

Spreading our new sand and gravel

new gravel

Getting ready for our upcoming



September 30th

New rock and sand was spread.  The green is returning to the trees!  Lots of new growth already.

new gravel

New gravel and new growth on our Lignum Vitae. The storm gave us the chance to clean up crowded undergrowth and freshen up the grounds.  Lots of room for wedding celebrations!

Check back for more updates!

new sand

Our beach got a new makeover

new lighting

Fixing the lighing that Irma destroyed


pontoon boat was blown off trailer and into the fence

Tide still high on main dock

This is the most awesome couple! They came down from Stuart and provided emotional support as well as brawn. Can't thank them. enough

Kayak shed moved by Irma
Kayak shed moved by Irma
Fixing Kayak shed moved by Irma

From a tilted shed with steps and lattice blow away to a new makeover. Many thanks to Merritt and friends Chris, Tucker, and Shawn. They know how to work wonders!!

wedding tree
Wedding Tree is back in Business with 
mulch and dirt in the background being spread next week with hundreds of new plants


new planting
new planting
Adding Bromeliads
Bottle collection goes back up
building a new shed
Building and replacing our shed because Irma took the first one. Many thanks to Marko for working magic and persevering!!
looking good
looking good
Our garden is finally coming to life
looking good






Perfect for our first wedding

in October.


Mangroves are gone but will come back

looking good
looking good
looking good
looking good
looking good
looking good
looking good
looking good
looking good
Happiness is getting back to normal!!
A true survivor!
third week
second week
first week
First week
Second Week
Third Week
fourth week
The fourth week - and we are back.
Nature is amazing!