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The Marvin D. Adams Waterway

Lelia and Marvin Adams inherited Historic Shadow Point from Frank Sweeting Lelia's father, who bought the property in 1922. Marvin, who spearheaded the building of the canal, Sat at Historic Shadow Point many a night in 1950 calculating the construction of this magnificent canal. In a 1976 dedication ceremony, the Key Largo Waterway name was changed and John Pennekamp wrote in the Miami Herald: "After the channel had been cut through Key Largo some years ago, Marvin D. Adams commented, "Fortunately for me I have,more through luck than plan, changed the face of the earth in a way that is great satisfaction to me. That I will be remembered for this , I doubt."He was wrong. The Monroe Commision renamed the cut the Marvin Adams Waterway," and it continues to serve the UpperKeys community. It could be the second most significant non government private project, the railroad being the first in our Upper Keys History.

Captain Albert "Elmo"
Adams Fishing Charter

The goal of South Florida Fishing LLC is to provide you with a great day on the water! We offer many types of fishing charters offshore, reef, and backcountry. We also offer snorkeling, spearfishing, lobstering, and eco-tours.

Key Largo Movie Trailer 1948

Key Largo Movie Trailer 1948 Humphrey Bogart connects to Historic Shadow Point! The house directly next door was where Bogey stayed during the filming of the movie, Key Largo in 1947. He was invited over for cocktails and a game of poker with Frank Sweeting my great Grandfather who bought Shadow Point in 1922.


History of Key Largo

The first hint of a community of Key Largo was an 1870 post office named Cayo Largo in the present day Rock Harbor area (MM 95 TO 100 area). The Cayo Largo post office closed and Menendez Johnson established a post office named Largo in the mile marker 101-102 area in March 1881.

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Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

The first undersea park in the United States, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park encompasses approximately 70 nautical square miles and is located just 1/2 mile south on the same body of water as Historic Shadow Point, Largo Sound.

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Swim with the Dolphins

Dolphins Plus offers a variety of marine mammal interaction programs, including Natural Dolphin Swims, Structured Dolphin Swims, and Sea Lion Encounters. These programs are designed for individuals interested in learning more about dolphins and sea lions in a safe, natural seawater environment. They are located right down the street from Shadow Point.

Dive The Speigel Grove in Key Largo

The Spiegel Grove is well on its way to becoming an entire reef ecosystem. "If I had to use two words to describe it, I would say it's huge," said Gloria Teague, a sport-diving enthusiast in the Keys.

Renovation on the Statue - Placing mosaics around her to enhance her beauty- "Tawanda The Sea Nymph Bedazzled"

Many thanks to all - The statue was built over 20 years ago and in 2018 we gathered together to give her a much-needed lift. many thanks to Lindi Madley, Pam Patterson, Elsie Stewart, Katie Preston, Aida Fry, Carolyn Smith, Pam McClean, and Sue York our main photographer. Also, we are in debt to Mark and Robin Lee Makowski who came after us to help with the cleaning and grouting of our Sea Nymph, Tawanda Bedazzled.

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